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    Kimberly - yoked pullover pattern
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    Marlo Cable Pullover
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    Long, fingerless gloves knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport.
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    Back In Black ribbed tank top, knit with Ornaghi Filati Bamboo
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I want some toe cozies. Not full-on slippers, but just a little cap for my toes.

Which are currently chilly, as you might guess. ;)

Dave Daniels

How about a beer cozy? Or soda cozy? (Are those the kind of cozies we're talking?)


I've come up with my own beer & ice cream cozies... I think the ice cream one is super-smart! I also thing someone needs to come up with a french press cozy.


I want a cozy for my french press coffee maker.


I'll ditto tea pot, French press and ice cream. I had a customer who made one for her toaster. I guess it's the top-load kind and keeps the dust out.

If it's not really practical then I find cozies too precious. Like lace doilies.


I've made cozies for my cellphone and my ipod. I don't use either one. But I have one of those nissan stainless travel mugs and the rubber sleeve ripped, so I replaced it with a sock yarn sleeve. I suppose it's not really a cozy, but I use that every day.


I've been wanting to make a dickie (sort of a neck cozie) but it's too hot here to consider, I think it might be dorky. (But I still want to make one.)


I have to say I hate cozies. alot. BUT I liked the French Coffee Press cozy idea above... the less bulky/yarn-y the better.


Its been on my mind to make a french press cozy, need one. You know, when you make your coffee, sit slowly starting your day it takes awhile to get to that second cup. Maybe a smaller one for warm milk too? For someone like me who has given up my micro.


A dig. camera cozy. The store bought cases are so ugly!


I've made a can (pop or beer) cozie and I'm currently working on bottle cozie. In fact I just put pictures on my blog this weekend.

Not really a cozie - but I knitted an Icord with sock yarn around my ipod earphone cords. It looks much more fun & colorful then they plain old white ones.


i second the digital camera cozy suggestion...something pretty that will keep a camera from getting scratched and jostled in a purse. the store bought ones are bulky and "look-at-me-i'm-a-tourist" ugly. i've been meaning to whip one up actually but haven't gotten around to it.


I haven't knit a cozy yet & I know a lot of people think tea cozies are old-fashioned & useless, but I still think they're so cute! And I'm not a big tea-drinker, either, but whenever I get around to knitting a cozy, I think this will be the one I do first.


I think a felted cozy for a casserole or a pie - you could take it to a party and it might keep it warm and it would definitely look nicer than a plain pyrex baking dish, which I often use at home. I would like a lasagna sized and maybe a pie or quiche sized cozy...


I've knit a cozy for my iPod--rudimentary, but functional--and beer cozies as a gift. I love, love the idea of a French press cozy.


toe cozies.


Some of the tea cozies are just too cute for words. Why oh why don't I drink enough tea anymore to have use for one ..? ;-)

I've made a remote control cozy a while back with some colourful yarn so I wouldn't lose it all the time. (unfortunately my one year old dumped the lot in the bin. No more remote for the tv!). But it sort of worked well..


I've never used a cozy, but I think one I WOULD use would be for my coffee cup! Sometimes I just get so distracted with my knitting that the coffee in my cup/mug gets cooler than I'd like. If I had a cozy for it, maybe it would stay warm longer. Hmmm...


A digital camera cosy - what a brilliant idea!!

I have seen a french press coffee pot cosy somewhere, can't remember where.

I love teacosies personally. And wrist cosies (wristwarmers) are on my list of Things to Knit Soon.

Oh, also, a book cosy! I've seen patterns for felted ones only they were called Journal Covers or something.


French Press, certainly (I've made a quilted one from fabric and a quick, last-minute, makeshift one for camping out of an old felted sweater, using the button that was already there and just cutting a matching buttonhole into the felted fabric). Wrists. Knees? Ears? Camera, yes! (I've been contemplating that one myself but worry about all the fuzzy fibers getting into the camera mechanisms. Still, probably better than sand and dust. Somebody out there made one in a tight linen stitch... at Domestic Sphere, I think?)
Another book, I surmise?


Look at this!

A french press cosy. Ah, the power of the internet.


I would like a KitchenAid mixer cozy.


I don't think that there is a really good interchangeable earphone (for headphones) cozy pattern out there.

All of the solutions are permanent:

I would love to see a felted earphone cover that can be removed and interchanged. I love cozies and things that allow you to get more use out of items.

I think the further we move away from a "disposable" mindset, the better, and I think the knitting community is a natural partner for this, since most knitters love to recycle yarn, make new things out of old, and in general, get the most out of everything!


A good hot water bottle cover - which is, of course, a cozy. To my mind, the best ones are stocking stitch - easy on your toes. A felted hot water bottle cover would be delightful.

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